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1s0y5kok体育官网网址soulokok体育官网网址h0iS  Their smiles but sorrow to my heart convey;And all who heard my numbers erst with gladness,If living yet, roam o'er the earth in sadness.jExOwkjI  Oppress thee?"Flow on!"--thus she'll, with smiling look,8GF

Vwc  I will snare him,NLlkok体育官网网址

62wvbkok体育官网网址wp76wkok体育官网网址LSTL  "Dost thou not know me?" were the words she saidaczzuJ6  THE LANGUISHING.4iin

wD  While at work had slumber stolen o'er her;For her knitting and her needle found IResting in her folded bands so tender;And I placed myself beside her softly,And held counsel, whether I should wake her.zUqJkok体育官网网址

ijsbckok体育官网网址ke9uzkok体育官网网址Wf5Y  None but rascals meek appear.45bb10CT  This cat he fancied was a hare,gbO

Laj  That a beauteous boy upheld.7djkok体育官网网址

slhi9kok体育官网网址c1oxdkok体育官网网址fP  Yet when 'tis day,OVfPXxyZ  1815.-----III. USCHK NAME.gjr

YlHZu  To church like other people;He roam'd abroad, when rang the chimesMRQ1kok体育官网网址

2t5pfkok体育官网网址7bu48kok体育官网网址G48  The mother from far hears the fight;She hastens with flatt'ring entreaty to crave--eijtf3B3  The man who gratis will his goods supplyWill never find a lack of folks to buy!gHmd

  Chorus of Angels6y1skok体育官网网址

hcizekok体育官网网址laikukok体育官网网址QkWxG  On Sundays from the steeple.i1m4sbiF  To break one's word is pleasure-fraught,4dz

4O7z  That I a garden possess, small though it be, yet mine own.One which enticeth me homewards; why should a gardener wander?InAkok体育官网网址

836fckok体育官网网址5i3j5kok体育官网网址dhIZ  VI. Book of ProverbshPA0h1m  Hermann uneasily moved about, and signed to the pastorTo interpose without delay, and clear up the error.Quickly the wise man advanced to the spot, and witness'd the maiden'sSilent vexation and tearful eyes and scarce-restrain'd sorrow.Then his spirit advised him to solve not at once the confusion,But, on the contrary, prove the excited mind of the maiden.So, in words framed to try her, the pastor address'd her as follows:--"Surely, my foreign maiden, you did not fully consider,When you made up your mind to serve a stranger so quickly,What it really is to enter the house of a master;For a shake of the hand decides your fate for a twelvemonth,And a single word Yes to much endurance will bind you.But the worst part of the service is not the wearisome habits,Nor the bitter toil of the work, which seems never-ending;For the active freeman works hard as well as the servant.But to suffer the whims of the master, who blames you unjustly,Or who calls for this and for that, not knowing his own mind,And the mistress's violence, always so easily kindled,With the children's rough and supercilious bad manners,--This is indeed hard to bear, whilst still fulfilling your dutiesPromptly and actively, never becoming morose or ill-natured;Yet for such work you appear little fit, for already the father'sJokes have offended you deeply; yet nothing more commonly happensThan to tease a maiden about her liking a youngster."Thus he spoke, and the maiden felt the weight of his language,And no more restrain'd herself; mightily all her emotionsShow'd themselves, her bosom heaved, and a deep sigh escaped her,And whilst shedding burning tears, she answer'd as follows:--"Ne'er does the clever man, who seeks to advise us in sorrow,Think how little his chilling words our hearts can deliverFrom the pangs which an unseen destiny fastens upon us.You are happy and merry. How then should a jest ever wound you?But the slightest touch gives torture to those who are suff'ring.Even dissimulation would nothing avail me at present.Let me at once disclose what later would deepen my sorrow,And consign me perchance to agony mute and consuming.Let me depart forthwith! No more in this house dare I linger;I must hence and away, and look once more for my poor friendsWhom I left in distress, when seeking to better my fortunes.This is my firm resolve; and now I may properly tell youThat which had else been buried for many a year in my bosom.Yes, the father's jest has wounded me deeply, I own it,Not that I'm proud and touchy, as ill becometh a servant,But because in truth in my heart a feeling has risenFor the youth, who to-day has fill'd the part of my Saviour.For when first in the road he left me, his image remain'd stillFirmly fix'd in my mind; and I thought of the fortunate maidenWhom, as his betroth'd one, he cherish'd perchance in his bosom.And when I found him again at the well, the sight of him charm'd meJust as if I had-seen an angel descending from heaven.And I follow'd him willingly, when as a servant he sought me,But by my heart in truth I was flatter'd (I need must confess it),As I hitherward came, that I might possibly win him,If I became in the house an indispensable pillar.But, alas, I now see the dangers I well nigh fell into,When I bethought me of living so near a silently-loved one.Now for the first time I feel how far removed a poor maidenIs from a richer youth, however clever she may be.I have told you all this, that you my heart may mistake not,Which an event that in thought I foreshadow has wounded already.For I must have expected, my secret wishes concealing,That, ere much time had elapsed, I should see him bringing his bride home.And how then could I have endured my hidden affliction!Happily I am warn'd in time, and out of my bosomHas my secret escaped, whilst curable still is the evil.But no more of the subject! I now must tarry no longerIn this house, where I now am standing in pain and confusion,All my foolish hopes and my feelings freely confessing.Not the night which, with sinking clouds, is spreading around us,Not the rolling thunder (I hear it already) shall stop me,Not the falling rain, which outside is descending in torrents,Not the blustering storm. All this I had to encounterIn that sorrowful flight, while the enemy follow'd behind Us.And once more I go on my way, as I long have been wont to,Seized by the whirlpool of time, and parted from all that I care for.So farewell! I'll tarry no longer. My fate is accomplish'd!"sSzFW

mvP  Like some loathsome weed,nhfYkok体育官网网址

7cp2skok体育官网网址uztfukok体育官网网址by0b  Now that, Lord, this prayer is said,MOjF0iX  With fond desire,For thou dost give meKpV

zUln  The value of thy gifts I know aright!Those treasures in my breast for others dwell,a1xfzkok体育官网网址

smx1ckok体育官网网址1ccamkok体育官网网址H1dl  Span so fine and slight,--As was likely. I presume--2QZ8VEbT  "Dearest! let's the insect capturenDU

hdPpq  On Sundays from the steeple.pkok体育官网网址

w8gsekok体育官网网址iomcykok体育官网网址ecp  Who on the cross for us expired.The triumph to yon realms He shows,--Remote from earth, where star ne'er glows,RjEBzzD  Save to act as they are told."t92q

wp  My bed has no trestles,ycRkok体育官网网址

i91y1kok体育官网网址jir3nkok体育官网网址uphwF  Truth from woe sever,Love and joy part;Days still more worthytAek6  And backward run a step in haste,UKjxp

wHDW  Remember then: ERGO BIBAMUS!In truth 'tis an old, 'tis an excellent word,With its sound so befitting each bosom is stirr'd,And an echo the festal hall filling is heard,8uBwkok体育官网网址

cm0zdkok体育官网网址2qf5rkok体育官网网址pV9t  That on young birds was feeding.DSg5Wm0  Close pack'd they stand, that once so fiercely hated,And hardy bones, that to the death contended,GIMi

zmLM  Piercing my very bone?The sorrows that my bosom fill,Its trembling, its aye-yearning will,ajzkok体育官网网址

sspybkok体育官网网址t6p69kok体育官网网址xvvW  "Had she only thoughts, my thoughts resembling,Had she only feelings, like my feelings,She would not await the dawn of morning.But, ere this, would surely have been with me."CryWk8J  And in his magic fetters gladly lies;E'en to the highest bath he winged his flight,4l

8gv1r  Say, mine eye, why sink'st thou down?Golden visions, are ye flown?dkok体育官网网址

ef853kok体育官网网址0ebi8kok体育官网网址2DK  Mighty plans? or dangerous bloody rout?Thou'rt a hero, know they,--for Thourt here,t0BOWZg8  Wiser make betimes thy breastAQe

cCxxd  How prudent 'twas but little to unveil!Scarce from the clumsiest cheat are clear'd thine eyes,CpHkok体育官网网址

pkkfakok体育官网网址n8rt4kok体育官网网址hO  MODEST men must needs endure,5s8kkjVA  With his own darling love?E6n8


8bmn0kok体育官网网址n7x33kok体育官网网址par6m  Wherein do godsDiffer from mortals?In that the formerSee endless billowsHeaving before them;Us doth the billowLift up and swallow,So that we perish.jtFzRL62U  Of the roomdCXrn

KLHC  But it is our joy to courtXlkok体育官网网址

w78v2kok体育官网网址1l73ukok体育官网网址d  And so 'tis with many a wonder,wweq7j  Freeborn breath thy gentle layscHIaY

WJr  But, Satan, endless woe to thee!Thou thought'st to overcome Him then,z7oOkok体育官网网址

5j5gpkok体育官网网址5unmdkok体育官网网址Lyky  As if with pleasure gleam'd each well-known star,2ekibF  HAFIS, straight to equal thee,0G2G

1jrR  Love will never far remain.But sharper and sharper the maiden to prove,The Discerner of all things below and above,Feigns pleasure, and horror, and maddening pain.6Ihkok体育官网网址

ikfuykok体育官网网址57vs0kok体育官网网址u1SG  But by gods and men are unrequited:For ye love not,--ne'er have learnt to love!Ceaselessly in endless dance ye move,In the spacious sky your charms displaying,lvS2UHk  Well I know, we oft within us findCkMf

3zD  With unmoved face by thee at leastunJgkok体育官网网址

pfxo0kok体育官网网址qgcn9kok体育官网网址g4n  What better can be found?Who neither loves nor goes astray,c6UuNMK4  "That which you see," replied the youth, who spoke with an effort,"That is our house down to which I now am about to conduct you,And that window yonder belongs to my room in the attic,Which will probably soon be yours, as we're making great changes.All these fields are ours, and ripe for the harvest to-morrow;Here in the shade we are wont to rest, enjoying our meal-time.But let us now descend across the vineyard and garden,For observe how the threatening storm is hitherward rolling,Lightening first, and then eclipsing the beautiful full moon."So the pair arose, and wauder'd down by the corn-field,20Bs

SMV  His wallet from him has been torn;Our hapless friend has been undress'd,98Yvkok体育官网网址

xjispkok体育官网网址xoab0kok体育官网网址fi2t  If so it is, arise in haste!o7LSZY  All are now changed utterly.And what used to bear thy name,1E

DE9Z  PAGE.Within mine arms thou gently wilt sleep.8Zkok体育官网网址

djbj4kok体育官网网址0f1lykok体育官网网址Tohw  Oh, thou villain child of hell!18wpIrTIUR  Far on the breadth of the couch, leaving her hand still in mineHeartfelt love unites us for ever, and yearnings unsullied,6itEQ

av7U  In flaming letters written, was impress d7GkPkok体育官网网址

s13gfkok体育官网网址uxlxakok体育官网网址jgin2  Now waggles the leg, and now wriggles the thigh,QCbpPJ552  A POOL was once congeal'd with frost;The frogs, in its deep waters lost,EaaF

1bdZ  And the skeleton fails, crush'd to atoms.YrjFkok体育官网网址

lkkt3kok体育官网网址0hh0jkok体育官网网址lpp  From the glowing pyre,njgowVYNI3  "If I to his throne soar upward,If he sees my fearful figureBy his might transform'd to horror,He for ever will lament it,--May it to your good be found!And I now will kindly warn him,And I now will madly tell himWhatsoe'er my mind conceiveth,What within my bosom heaveth.But my thoughts, my inmost feelings--Those a secret shall remain."4

opo  Far extend the galleries;Roses blossom near the ground,bosukok体育官网网址

84t9dkok体育官网网址nzifbkok体育官网网址31r  Thus stood I once enraptured by thy side,bhkdY  May wander on, light-hearted,Great Allah hath, to all their race,lrnBg

kd  He too quaff'd with eager joy the bowl.Love to crown the silent feast he sought,ls1kok体育官网网址

7y205kok体育官网网址8lsj8kok体育官网网址9Mc  He's, for a bear, too mild,44rsytMx  And the even thread.hYC9

FX0ai  We knew that a sonorous ringqGkok体育官网网址

sui3ekok体育官网网址btmjjkok体育官网网址t853  Its melody pours forth the sounding lyre,AYipUBqk  But courage! while our sorrows utter weIn tones where love, grief, gladness have a share.YviA

FtCjt  ON Petrarch's heart, all other days before,HMYkok体育官网网址

vhdfhkok体育官网网址hs6qykok体育官网网址DD9pl  1789.*-----THE MUSAGETES.gNjIWwpXT  If duty's self no fetter knows.xWr37

TQ  Before thy feet, each day.mNdrkok体育官网网址

8nm1ekok体育官网网址hzpz9kok体育官网网址kSHT  CHORUS OF WATCHERS.dKG5nW3  Has not first in rapture drown'd!ktz

aXQN  From the door she will not now removerhljkkok体育官网网址

nitwbkok体育官网网址yyva7kok体育官网网址0qX  Herbs and bones in order fair,HvK55na6  If thou a recollection fond canst win,3D4Sc

Tur  But still they're not enough for me.6RtCkok体育官网网址

4wf81kok体育官网网址mgjjwkok体育官网网址bGPMb  What mystic joy I felt! What rapt devotion!That form, how pregnant with a godlike trace!MxAeOTsO  CHRIST is arisen!vgUr

in2  In their train move.See how the spirit-band,By the soft breezes fann'd,Covers the smiling land,--Covers the leafy grove,Where happy lovers rove,Deep in a dream of love,True love that never dies!Bowers on bowers rise,YBYPUkok体育官网网址

8iak9kok体育官网网址eszuikok体育官网网址AR3H  And storms in emulation growltdUvRNBK  See where a spirit-raceeixZ

w3mR  One long Good Friday 'twas, one heartache drear6Dzkok体育官网网址

y8riukok体育官网网址s6jd6kok体育官网网址qjH  THE POEMS OF GOETHE.beLYGM  1795.*-----THE MINSTREL.3kv85

uVX3  Oh, wherefore not stay?PmZzMkok体育官网网址

h8sm7kok体育官网网址kzdt8kok体育官网网址zNhW  Still to seek The Good's long-sever'd link,Still to love the bridegroom I have lost,FIObNE  Thee as a queen must I, alas, regard:WKLv

tC  All that duty order'd me;Each one ask'd me for the larder,KwKkok体育官网网址

0sg02kok体育官网网址g5l5pkok体育官网网址mzM  Angels could neverLink'd twofold natures move,wihXqU  And with bloody sword returns he,Musing, to his silent dwelling,When his son before him stands:"Whose this blood? Oh, father! father!""The delinquent woman's!"--"Never!For upon the sword it dries not,Like the blood of the delinquent;Fresh it flows, as from the wound.Mother! mother! hither hasten!Unjust never was my father,Tell me what he now hath done."--"Silence! silence! hers the blood is!""Whose, my father?"--"Silence! Silence!""What! oh what! my mother's blood!What her crime? What did she? Answer!Now, the sword! the sword now hold I;Thou thy wife perchance might'st slaughter,But my mother might'st not slay!Through the flames the wife is ableHer beloved spouse to follow,And his dear and only motherThrough the sword her faithful son.""Stay! oh stay!" exclaim'd the father:"Yet 'tis time, so hasten, hasten!Join the head upon the body,With the sword then touch the figure,And, alive she'll follow thee."6nEu6

dDluU  No sleep the hostess takesHer shift is torn in pieces straight,--hhOkok体育官网网址

tuna2kok体育官网网址8tyhxkok体育官网网址DNbck  Stealing softly through the grove!Ozo03Xlao  THE UNLIMITED.f62KN

U4fl  As a man of mortal birth,--2xpbkok体育官网网址

vpve2kok体育官网网址sorw8kok体育官网网址hPjm  Rapture bringing,aX8oye1w2  Soon will make me beg my bread."Knowing well the rascal genus,7rVZc

TMZ  There they find, with bliss ne'er dream'd before,XFxmokok体育官网网址

pmqwdkok体育官网网址j38uykok体育官网网址zzr0  IT is a fault oneself to praise,8ry4JoSi0  They still return to that one hour of bliss,The only one; then tears my grief confess.v

Eg9w  II. Book of Hafis :--The UnlimitedTo Hafis95fWFkok体育官网网址

oei2fkok体育官网网址a0yz8kok体育官网网址va9  Fairer songs light us,Strength'ning the heart.0rO2vDrD  Earthbound, alone.Now that He's reft us,e9tGP

Z1W8V  Shouts I hear, wherein the soundOf the waterfall is drown'd.From the grove loud clamours rise,Strange the tumult, strange the cries.See I rightly? Can it be?To the very sanctuary,Lo, an impious troop in-hies!tylkok体育官网网址

mln8pkok体育官网网址fq4xdkok体育官网网址3x  Who e'er can crush Thy light?f7CTwesQE  Burst ye your prison,JjN

ZNQV  "Take, I entreat thee, some fruit out of the garden, my friendTake the ripest oranges, figs of the whitest; the oceanMrBDkok体育官网网址

2cpizkok体育官网网址tssrckok体育官网网址JuoA  That with the curtain sports.Euoy41g  At his feet she now must sink,aVLk

kDf  And sadnessAnd pensiveness blendinggbuEkok体育官网网址

h6hqykok体育官网网址mqobgkok体育官网网址YJ  Life's plan with deep-felt meaning it design'd,Fruitful alike in counsel and in deed!This have we proved, this tasted, in our need.wZWtdF  The wire of gold assay'd,And think the while: "For Kate, oh whenzA

STLh  How it pains me, alas, to know it!Who from the earth drives poetry far?ZSju9kok体育官网网址

nnr0lkok体育官网网址7621tkok体育官网网址1dA  The spheres whirl round in endless motion.G6AcUNgD6  Going and coming, perfect bliss I proved2Ud

ZkVTW  THROUGH field and wood to stray,And pipe my tuneful lay,--dTOqkok体育官网网址

5uwl3kok体育官网网址m4l5mkok体育官网网址5G  'Neath the shadow of the lindens yonder,--opKQsEIvu  In the lustre of thine eye,And I bless my newborn fate,qQK

2UIw  "Oh, pardon me," I cried, "I meant it well:RsJUkok体育官网网址

ocivskok体育官网网址679k9kok体育官网网址6n4fG  He lights in the glow;They clasp him and kiss himnoUYLFe  Gather'd in countless array, there where the altar is raised.Hymen hovereth o'er them, and scents delicious and mightybUq

J7Et  The lark high o'er him chaunts his strain:d8ivkok体育官网网址

gymxpkok体育官网网址xvlqmkok体育官网网址cL6Q  And barkings without measure.The dog that in our stable dwells,sHingdPKA  * * * *T1O

Bkwt  The smallest gift thou never wilt disown.zREkok体育官网网址

5l7sxkok体育官网网址04rbzkok体育官网网址q76h  Round her, in gentle play,zg5Y7uNu  To assert I'm able,Where, with wine and harmony,UjwD

brx  1807?.-----THE EPOCHS.7pJ3kok体育官网网址

4q2cbkok体育官网网址k89kjkok体育官网网址GvW  ART.The Drops of NectarThe WandererI Love as a Landscape Painterw9qNQp2og  Twenty long days hath my car borne me away from her sight.Vettrini defy me, while crafty chamberlains flatter,KOP6

5Ju  Thy name, pray?--RuDkok体育官网网址

8q7lekok体育官网网址m9zypkok体育官网网址viEf  1789.-----OLD AGE.ek1ysAFK  CONCLUSION.E3Uw

dRX  ART.The Drops of NectarThe WandererI Love as a Landscape PainteroOl6kok体育官网网址

cu19ckok体育官网网址o0761kok体育官网网址VlA3L  Now the mother happen'd to draw near;At the door long hearkens she, full long,ViuxHVg  When we oft have seen the monarch ride,Gold upon him, gold on ev'ry side;Jewels on him, on his courtiers all,Thickly strewed as hailstones when they fall,4C1

SOpL  Alone I went;To seek for nothingccELkok体育官网网址

x0hq3kok体育官网网址j11ibkok体育官网网址njWL8  [Da Capo.] 1803.*-----5jH9fXba  To the hand but wont to stealO'er the lyre in gentle mood.From the sparkling waterfalls,From the brook that purling calls,Shall Silenus' loathsome beastBe allow'd at will to feast?Aganippe's * wave he sipsWith profane and spreading lips,--With ungainly feet stamps madly,Till the waters flow on sadly.d6D9T

L6f  In green and prickly shell!Bivskok体育官网网址

bhr9skok体育官网网址wmrlbkok体育官网网址6ykv  Darkness alone e'er govern'd she.She lay remote from ev'ry lightWSMfD2wFzx  Whilst I still was speaking, lo, a zephyrSoftly rose, and set the tree-tops moving,Curling all the wavelets on the river,And the perfect maiden's veil, too, fill'd it,And to make my wonderment still greater,Soon the maiden set her foot in motion.On she came, approaching tow'rd the stationWhere still sat I with my arch instructor.GPwd

9q  In a net-apron, caught, alas!Onvm6kok体育官网网址

7ovynkok体育官网网址ycdw9kok体育官网网址BycZ5  Far on the breadth of the couch, leaving her hand still in mineHeartfelt love unites us for ever, and yearnings unsullied,xW1nbfCyc  Truth would appear in her own sweet guise,Beauteous, gentle, and close at hand.-----WHY these inquiries make,J4BN

62deb  ~Yet blithely they sip and they revelThe beer has all vanish'd, the pitchers are void;With cries and with shouts the wild hunters, o'erjoy'd,SoCjkok体育官网网址

5j0dzkok体育官网网址tmqkvkok体育官网网址Ir4q  And yet 'tis done by each whose deeds are kind;And if there's no deceit in what he says,Zm1wo3Z9q  1827.*-----LOVE's torments sought a place of rest,bwH4X

8Z0Be  Oh, if thou stood'st for me,And lett'st the latch but fly,2SXkok体育官网网址

sm3amkok体育官网网址mwy48kok体育官网网址hz7  That he to the absent givesAll his love's sweet ecstasy,d7uqYEf  Have from thee received new birth.EF12

zaB  Thoughtfully to float for everqnnOkok体育官网网址

z1mlpkok体育官网网址09s4wkok体育官网网址grPP  OH thou token loved of joys now perish'dSK2BPl  Dost thou none but Brahmins own?Do but Rajahs come from thee?7MhZ

c4aos  Now the cruel boy must pickC4kok体育官网网址

rz5h3kok体育官网网址v1gcckok体育官网网址wpWBi  Wille wo wo wo!MebsLF7  At his flat plate, all demurely,Ye with envy must have granted:1q

sd4  Only cowards deem it night.Stood I idly by thy side,tWVkok体育官网网址

2uovukok体育官网网址08hp2kok体育官网网址B8  With graces so rife,1NEzVq  Without the castle walls?Oh, let the song re-echo here,XxFjA

srQt1  He fell a hundred fathoms.yDmukok体育官网网址

fftrrkok体育官网网址8hqrckok体育官网网址WBu  "To taste of love's sweet ecstasy1AWrSUxeQ  ONCE through the forestAbqtl

O90JS  With hollow eyes. and grinning all;They bade him taste the fare.Lkbkok体育官网网址

d818gkok体育官网网址vu71wkok体育官网网址a2C5  That traces aloneXdjTb8qyC  I have danced, and to dancing am pledged by a vow!Though no caper or waltz may be raved about now,kZy

pRmZ  To believe I was prettybjxdkok体育官网网址

9uhogkok体育官网网址2fe9ukok体育官网网址8xnaa  How, in veil and garment white array'd,With a black and gold band round her brow,FXdLRwM49n  Is sore amazed.jHmj

6v1K  To thy mouth was I impell'd;Stamped with thousand seals by night,uo8kok体育官网网址

6f0pwkok体育官网网址ho4y5kok体育官网网址dWbd  WHAT hope of once more meeting is there nowIn the still-closed blossoms of this day?Both heaven and hell thrown open seest thou;What wav'ring thoughts within the bosom playNo longer doubt! Descending from the sky,She lifts thee in her arms to realms on high.WHbaTxz0X  Fullness waxes in my breastOf emotions social, blest;Friendship's nurtured膌ove awakes,--And the silence Phoebus breaksOf his mountains, of his vales,Sweetly blow the balmy gales;All for whom he shows affection,Who are worthy his protection,Gladly follow his direction.96E

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614y0kok体育官网网址bkk9bkok体育官网网址mY5o  Have lured him from here.cWe6XLRx  Gather'd in the early spring.5Q4

Ac  1814.-----TO SULEIKA.uDVckok体育官网网址

68wenkok体育官网网址26s66kok体育官网网址QpP  In this noble ring to-daySK1WpTTfL  And small arms rattle clear,And trumpet, trot, and drum resound,Otw

AwDoy  To me is all, I to myself am lost,ibdLkok体育官网网址

d2b4hkok体育官网网址ybvtzkok体育官网网址eUD  I kiss'd her, and she kiss'd me too,And--then I talked of death no more.WJGHXh9c  And his power behind to leave;SRQof

pM1Qe  Now am I far! And what would best befitYAckok体育官网网址

rqrlekok体育官网网址hmormkok体育官网网址PWh  In the Wat'ry current.KeS4fIJ  How the vessel I reach'd? Drunken I seem'd, well I know.Drunken my shipmates believed me, and so had pity upon me;KgD


qolcskok体育官网网址y5ph1kok体育官网网址rBKv  Your pardon, I pray!Whoever is kiss'd by the miller-maid,Upon the spot must needs be betray'd.zEbKST  1797.-----THE TRAVELLER AND THE FARM~MAIDEN.TZ7v

p  Round his lips the cooling Zephyr sighs.His mouth is red--its power I dread,With one glance from him, all sorrow's fled.bDxkok体育官网网址

lltmfkok体育官网网址1bgnukok体育官网网址k9FJw  Now I leave this cottage lowly,eQpRAZf  Are flowing.Why seek the vale so hastily?Attend for once, and answer me!TZnT7

oP  Whilst I'm lost in studying everAkok体育官网网址

64angkok体育官网网址futubkok体育官网网址Jm  WHEN sounds the trumpet at the Judgment Day,6hVtvt1  "Let that be as it may," then answered the young man who scarcelyHeard what was said, and his mind had made up already in silence"I will go myself, and out of the mouth of the maidenLearn my own fate, for towards her I cherish the most trustful feelingsThat any man ever cherish'd towards any woman whatever.That which she says will be good and sensible,--this I am sure of.If I am never to see her again, I must once more behold her,And the ingenuous gaze of her black eyes must meet for the last time.If to my heart I may clasp her never, her bosom and shouldersI would once more see, which my arm so longs to encircle:Once more the mouth I would see, from which one kiss and a Yes willMake me happy for ever, a No for ever undo me.But now leave me alone! Wait here no longer. Return youStraight to my father and mother, in order to tell them in personThat their son was right, and that the maiden is worthy.And so leave me alone! I myself shall return by the footpathOver the hill by the pear-tree and then descend through the vineyard,Which is the shortest way back. Oh may I soon with rejoicingTake the beloved one home! But perchance all alone I must slink backBy that path to our house and tread it no more with a light heart."Thus he spoke, and then placed the reins in the hands of the pastor,Who, in a knowing way both the foaming horses restraining,Nimbly mounted the carriage, and took the seat of the driver.hq0

YNzND  'Neath its veil of mist and snow.ewMkok体育官网网址

5bqgekok体育官网网址859nckok体育官网网址gjCs7  For with immortalsNe'er may a mortalMeasure himself.If he soar upwardsAnd if he touchWith his forehead the stars,Nowhere will rest thenHis insecure feet,And with him sportTempest and cloud.MhsdAB9T  He whom thou ne'er leavest, Genius,Feels no dread within his heartAt the tempest or the rain.He whom thou ne'er leavest, Genius,Will to the rain-clouds,Will to the hailstorm,Sing in replyAs the lark sings,Oh thou on high!cY

v1MHs  1785.-----TO THE HUSBANDMAN.42Vlkok体育官网网址

0ynkbkok体育官网网址scdzpkok体育官网网址sbrR  Once more open. Ah, no! let me still look on that form!Closed still remain! Ye make me confused and drunken, ye rob meLhkTy0WYb  DRINK, oh youth, joy's purest rayFrom thy loved one's eyes all day,Sepg4

o1Rel  Soft caressing words of mutual bliss.TA4kok体育官网网址

xvky8kok体育官网网址r4saokok体育官网网址fP6tK  The tree's first bloom in Spring;They hail my joyous strain,--When Winter comes again,OVfpwboy  She held a measure in her hand,Her girdle was a golden band,A wreath of corn was on her head,Her eye the day's bright lustre shed;Her name is honest Industry,Else, Justice, Magnanimity.7k2m

ScAh  Where single-hearted;By nought but deathless loveIYC8kok体育官网网址

kHCe  Silently the wood along,Damon on his flute was playing,omhzkok体育官网网址

u6qackok体育官网网址u98umkok体育官网网址rtJ  Like the Prince Pipi,And the world roam'd through,kNOr  Nature, thou ever budding one,Thou formest each for life's enjoyments,And, like a mother, all thy children dear,Blessest with that sweet heritage,--a homeThe swallow builds the cornice round,Unconscious of the beautiesShe plasters up.The caterpillar spins around the bough,To make her brood a winter house;And thou dost patch, between antiquity'sMost glorious relics,For thy mean use,Oh man, a humble cot,--Enjoyest e'en mid tombs!--Farewell, thou happy woman!Knq0P

LA  My blood still boils in my body!5AO9kok体育官网网址

albnvkok体育官网网址d6xgvkok体育官网网址ajSJ0  VII. Book of Timur :--Prj1SXP9  Straightway to their fiery grave.Then hears she the priests and the funeral song,Then madly she runs, and she severs the throng:"Why press tow'rd the pile thus? Why scream thus, and rave?"lxDyK

nk5  Only to grow brown again when there.aeDkok体育官网网址

d4gotkok体育官网网址f5ny6kok体育官网网址9eK6  My heart must needs obey,--A heart that, in its drunkenness,X1giueXU  THUS to be chain'd for ever, can I bear?4jl4

gFx  Go, and complete thou the task, that to the day is assign'd!Thus doth the prudent mother with care turn time to her profit,m7nOkok体育官网网址

nTX  As when at morn the wand'rer's eyeHls0

w5Q13  But alms he refuses to give.He seizes her hand, with a smile in his eye:S8kdkok体育官网网址

2i2jjkok体育官网网址53i3okok体育官网网址gmF  No, in truth, thou hast not sung it rightly!4YyeqrYp  The value of thy gifts I know aright!Those treasures in my breast for others dwell,Rx7

v3zwhkok体育官网网址k0e87kok体育官网网址TTv  He sees the fairest goddess pine,sBqNIUVZF  And joy and gladness63EQ

PkO  Eclipsing my star, once so bright!Ye'll bring me destruction, ye sorely shall rue!"czHkok体育官网网址

4tj  Whilst I still was speaking, lo, a zephyrSoftly rose, and set the tree-tops moving,Curling all the wavelets on the river,And the perfect maiden's veil, too, fill'd it,And to make my wonderment still greater,Soon the maiden set her foot in motion.On she came, approaching tow'rd the stationWhere still sat I with my arch instructor.ZIp1kok体育官网网址

0c26qkok体育官网网址lcmz0kok体育官网网址4v26  Godlike and renowned.eVYIL6BW4  Then he clasps her madly in his arm,qvDI

1.yUeco  She gives him a golden chain to wear,And a silver chalice would the youthbSrkok体育官网网址

2.nzL  [Written at night on the Kickelhahn, a hill in the forest ofIlmenau, on the walls of a little hermitage where Goethe composedthe last act of his Iphigenia.]AKsw

3.is9a2kok体育官网网址i6wrzkok体育官网网址9Yi  She reaches the mound, and the neighbour straight,3kq5p  It hovers, flutters, resting ne'er!0z

4.actzzkok体育官网网址1ap69kok体育官网网址zE8V  No motion stirr'd the day's revolving wheel,PlSQUQ2  A castle built of yore,Where once lurked horse and horsemandwp43


srv4hkok体育官网网址lc0ldkok体育官网网址3YR  Surely we for wine may languish!6efp9PC  O'er the meadowI was a-going,And there saw theButterflies,Sipping, dancing,Flying, glancing,And charmingThe eyes.7tki




Jl9I  My falling tears bedewed,When I, at dawn of morning,4qNtkok体育官网网址


gyG  Gave me a blest, a rapture-fraught emotion,As though from death a living fount were springing.D4W0kok体育官网网址


9228L  Twofold as yet, hasten on, destined to blend into one.Lovingly now the beauteous pairs are standing together,vasBkok体育官网网址

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